BOARD OF Trustees

Mr. K.V. Prasad Guptha

Chairman & Executive Director

Mr. S.L. Gurunadha Rao


Mr. T. Syam Sundar Murthy

General Secretary

The board’s members represent a broad range of backgrounds and have responsibility for stewardship of the Avathar Charitable Trust. The board of directors is crucial to Avathar Charitable Trust and are responsible for many specific tasks. The board’s main task is to govern and oversee the operations of the organization through acting as fiduciaries. In other words, the board is legally, financially, and morally responsible for the organization.Each individual member of a board is significant and holds many responsibilities that help contribute to his/her work on the board as a whole. Each Baord Member take crucial responsibilities of the board as a whole, focusing on how each individual member can effectively contribute to the Trust.